Parents can choose the level of care that best suits their needs, their child and their budget. In our experience, consistent and frequent attendance are important components in a successful transition to our center. The sheer amount of time spent with us directly correlates to children’s trust and comfort levels. To that end, we encourage parents to choose at least two consecutive days, whenever possible. If you are interested in part time options, let us know. Communication and flexibility are key to getting most families the exact schedules they want and need. Download our Tuition Rates for 2019 (PDF).



4 days/week


3 days/week


2 days/week


1/2 days M - F


1 full day/week


This option is at the director’s discretion. Limited attendance only works with children who transition quickly and happily to complex social situations.

One 1/2 day


Two 1/2 days


Three 1/2 days


Four 1/2 days