COVID-19 Response

Childcare, like all aspects of our lives, is being affected by COVID-19. Please call us at (319) 337-8980 or send us an email if you want to know our status.

We are following all CDC guidelines. One of them mandates that non-staff adults are NO LONGER ALLOWED in the building during business hours. We are giving tours after hours and on the weekends.

For Ages 2 - 6

Full or Part-time Options

Our two through six-year olds play together throughout the day – inside and outside. Child-centered and open-ended activities allow children to explore the activity or materials in ways that are meaningful to them, as we share and discuss what they are doing.

kids playing
kids' drawing

Staff Ratio of 6:1

Plus Two Directors

Our child care staff are part-time, work-study University students. Many of them stay with us for their entire college career, often taking on additional duties and responsibilities. The children develop very close bonds with these staff and enjoy seeing the daily variety of fresh faces; each unique and each arriving with a happy, ready-to-play attitude.

Inside Play

Inside Play

Every day the children and staff create new and interesting play experiences with familiar materials in six thematic play rooms.

Outside Play

Outside Play

We have an expansive out-door play space surrounded by old trees on a historically preserved ravine. We play outside whenever weather permits.



Children develop vast pools of experiential knowledge accumulated during years of happy, self-directed, constructive play. Kindergarten teachers consistently tell us that our kids are great students.

Visit Us

We are open Monday – Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm. We are located just west of the river, close to UI Cambus and Iowa City bus stops.

Interested parents may drop in, unscheduled, during our visiting hours Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 11:30am or 3:00pm – 5:30pm. We prefer not to give tours during nap time. Allow at least 30 minutes for a tour.