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During the winter months, we follow the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD) for winter weather cancellations.  If the schools are closed for weather, we will be closed.  If the schools delay start for 2 hours, we will delay and open at 9:00am.  If schools close early for weather, we will close early.  All children should be picked up at or before 4:00.  School cancellations are broadcast on TV, radio, and on KCRG/KWWL’S web sites.  Please check them often, situations can change quickly during winter storms.  You may call the center any time – 319-337-8980 – if we don't answer, the closing announcement will be on our voice mail. 

We are closed annually for the following holidays and breaks: 

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Day (the third Monday of January)

The week of the UI Spring Break (mid-March, usually includes St. Patrick’s Day) No undergrad classes. Most dorms closed and/or not serving food. IC public schools closed all week.  UI offices open.

Memorial Day (late May)

The 4th of July

Labor Day (early September)

Thanksgiving Week Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (late November) No undergraduate classes M-F. UI offices closed Th/F.  Most dorms closed and/or not serving food.  IC public schools closed W/Th/F.

Winter Break December 24th - January 2nd No undergrad classes for a month.  Most dorms closed. IC public schools closed for two weeks. Some of our staff may be available for private childcare.  Many parents schedule time off and/or trade care w/ each other.

Reminder on Sick Policy – Children may not attend when they cannot fully participate, or if Health Dept. guidelines prohibit group care.  If a child develops symptoms here, we will call you and isolate them as best we can.  All parents need back up plans for unexpected pick-ups. We cannot transport a child to the ER.  If a child requires ER treatment, they will be taken by EMT, ambulance or parents.

Children may attend when they have the sniffles, mild head colds, or slight coughs.  The child must feel well enough to play.  We prefer NOT to administer any meds but, if a child MUST have a mid-day dose, please bring them with their original pharmacy label and clear dosing instructions. Parents fill out, sign and post our medication form and write a note in the book for staff.  Over the counter remedies to be administered before nap require same process.

Always ask your doctor when it’s OK to return, both for your child and for the other kids. Children coming back will need to be able to participate in the full play day.  We don't have a secluded, quiet area for a recovering child.  They dont We track illnesses to spot trends so call us (337-8980) if your child is sick.  Also call if we need to post an official Exposure Notice. 

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