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We are located in Iowa City, Iowa, on the University of Iowa's west campus at 309 Melrose Ave.

For more information please email
or call (319) 337-8980 
Ask for Sharon or Jill

Welcome to the Mary Jo Small Child Care Center at Brookland Woods!

PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!  “I’m dreaming the dream. I'm living the dream.  I sleep at night and I play all day.”  (Spoken by an articulate two-year-old and shared with permission.)  30 years of watching children play has taught us that play is universal, doesn’t require shared language and is every child’s most comprehensive learning tool.  Children will play wherever they can run, hide, climb, dig, throw, watch, draw, build, explore, paint, create and imagine.

Every parent knows that play is the way children explore, discover and learn about the world & each other.  30 years ago we created a unique place where kids ages 2-6 can really play as freely as possible (while being supervised by adults).  A place where kids can create and share happy, creative, goofy, shared, solo & group play. They are ready to go when they leave us to start their first 13 years of public school.  We are proudly a place to play, play, play!

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